Aged Mothers Honored With Respect And Thanksgiving In Mother’s Day


Taiwan Church News
3402 Edition
8 – 14 May, 2017
Church Ministry

Aged Mothers Honored With Respect And Thanksgiving In Mother’s Day

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

On May 3rd, over 700 people attended the Mother’s Day thanksgiving service, held by committees of both women ministry and senior citizens ministry of Taipei Presbytery, at MacKay Memorial Hospital in Taipei. In the service, 28 aged mothers, 8 of them were over 90-year-old, were specially honored for their incredible long-term service for the families and compassionate love toward the communities.

In the praising hymns from choirs of women and senior citizens, Rev Lyim Geh-bie of Hou-pu Presbyterian Church gave her sermon entitled as “The faith of mother”. In her preaching, Rev Lyim advised the audience to treasure the precious opportunity to accompany mother each time, because mother is so critically vital to the life of every one of us.

“Mother is not a Maria from the Philippine or the Maria in the Scripture, every mother is actually a “visible God” in every family”, Rev Lyim said, adding that God created the role of mother, highly filled with the infinite wisdom and extraordinary love, in order to demonstrate his amazing love to the world.

In the meantime, facing more and more hard-working modern families, willing to meet any materialistic wishes from their own children during their growth yet overlooking their real emotional demands, Rev Lyim advised those mothers in the audience that the right thing to do is always to fear God first, and then teach the children to be a humble servant of God. “This is absolutely the right way to bring correct values to your children and you could do a job of good mother without shame! “, Rev Lyim urged.

Translated by Peter Wolfe