Chiayi Christian Hospital Is Granted A New Shuttle-Bus For Eldercare At Rural Villages


Taiwan Church News
3410 Edition
July 3 – 9, 2017
Church Ministry

Chiayi Christian Hospital Is Granted A New Shuttle-Bus For Eldercare At Rural Villages

Reported by Lin Wan-ting

On June 30, in order to solve the problem of an extra high cost of transportation fees in far-fetched rural areas, especially when the marginalized elder were located sporadically yet desperately needed a medicare vehicle to pick them up, an offering ceremony of a shuttle bus for eldercare was therefore held at Zeh-An Daycare Service Center at Hsin-kang Township of Chiayi County.

Ms Lin Yueh-Erh, director of Chiayi County Home Service Center, said Chiayi County is an agricultural county with the highest aging index among the whole country. Shuttle bus is an indispensable equipment for any home service center or station, Ms Lin remarked, as it is very difficult to proceed the long-term care service for the elder scattered sporadically in a distant and far-fetched rural area like Chiayi county. Because a previous shuttle bus was broken in the end of last year, the transportation service in the past six months were most served by social workers or volunteers, Ms Lin said.

The shuttle bus was finally made possible by the charity offered by Fay International Marketing & Communication Co., Ltd, Tsung Chor-chang Educational Foundation and many other charity groups and people. Dr Chen Cheng-ren, superintendent of Chiayi Christian Hospital(CCH), expressed his deep appreciation for the donation of this shuttle bus for it could reduce the economic burdens of the marginalized families in rural areas and facilitate CCH to serve the needy with more efficient medicare and multiple services.

Translated by Peter Wolfe