Changhua Christian Hospital Donates US$ 100,000 to Help Ukrainian Refugees in Hungary


Taiwan Church News
3663 Edition
May 9 – 15, 2022
Church Ministry News

Reported by Hung Tai-yang



Superintendent of Bethesda Children’s Hospital showed the US$ 100,000 cheque and his thanks-giving letter。(photo/CCH)  


Through a first aid support and coordination of the Church and Society Committee under the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (PCT), Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) donated US$ 100,000 to the Reformed Church in Hungary – Bethesda Children’s Hospital (BCH) for purchasing medical supplies to care for Ukrainian refugees and children fled in Hungary.

Prof. Chen Mu-Kuan, Superintendent of CCH, expressed that the initial plan of CCH was to deliver the related medical supplies to BCH located near Hungary-Ukraine border.But, due to a very high cost of air freight and sophisticated administration procedures, CCH decided to donated US$ 100,000 instead to help BCH to purchase their medical demands locally, Prof. Chen said.

As one of the historically renown children hospitals in Budapest amid Hungary, and also the only children hospital supported by the church within central and eastern Europe, Bethesda Children’s Hospital (BCH) was established 150 years ago by the Evangelical Reform Church, Germany. Except offering medical care for the children, BCH also offers medic service for the teenagers under 18, the children with disabilities of the marginalized family. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, doctors of BCH not only served the flooding Ukrainian refugees in the hospital but also launch an itinerary volunteer service along Hungary-Ukraine border.