Christian Education Expo Launched to Look Back into the Gospel’s Future

Hsinchu Bible College hosts the first ever Taiwan Christian Education Expo. (Photograph/Lin Yi-ying)

Taiwan Church News

3730 Edition

August 21 ~ 27, 2023

Weekly Topical

Christian Education Expo Launched to Look Back into the Gospel’s Future

Reported by Lin Yi-ying from Hsinchu
Translated by Peter Wolfe

Jointly hosted by the Presbyterian Bible College, Archives of the PCT, Aletheia University, and Spring of Water International Ministries, the first ever Christian Education Expo, entitled as “Look Back into the Gospel’s Future”, launched an opening service at 3:00 p.m. on August 14th.

Quoting the biblical verse of 1 Corinthians 9:23, “everything I do is for the sake of the gospel, so that I can share the benefits of the gospel with others,” Four art exhibition spaces and a documentary theme exhibition are planned and showcased. From August 14th to October 15th, this Christian Education Expo will be opened to the public from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm every Monday and Thursday. For a adequate guide and explanation, an advance reservation is required.

Rev Run Chie-ming, dean of the Presbyterian Bible College, delivered a sermon, entitled “Look Back into the Gospel’s Future” at the opening ceremony, expressing his hope that through the exhibitions of historical archives via time and space, God’s Word in the Bible, Christian education and aesthetic education, the public can encounter the initial power and enthusiasm of the Gospel. Quoting Martin Luther’s famous confession, “Here I Stand”, he encouraged the audience to respond God’s calling and act indeed as taught by Lord’s prayer, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

In his speech, Rev Peng Chi-hong, moderator of the PCT General Assembly, reported the stories how the Presbyterian Bible College, under the leadership of past deans engaged itself into the Christian education of the PCT members and became the indispensable service and support of the PCT ministries. He expressed in straight that no matter what kind of office the PCT members were called, be it clergy, layman, or being parent, they all should become the Christian educators first. He sincerely hoped that through this expo, more people could learn the God’s Word and get closer to the Lord.

Rev Lu Chi-ming, secretary of the PCT Church History Committee, believed that this expo has two significance. The first is the reinterpretation, preservation and application of the PCT historical exhibits. He believed that only when cultural relics of the church are properly preserved and used, can there be real things to tell witness stories to future generations.

The second is the imagination of a new era of Christian education, Rev Lu said. As Christian teaching materials progressed across different eras, children’s education is expanded to an integral-person education, so that the church realize that the subject of education is “the integral person”, he said. Only when people can worship and pray to God in their daily lives, learn to appreciate the initial spiritual occasions where Jesus and disciples met, can people be enlightened and inspired like the excited disciples walking on the road to Emmaus, Rev Lu indicated.

In the opening service, curator Luo Song-en explained the components of this first ever Christian Education Expo: Exhibit of “Picture to Proclaim the Word – The Golden Kingdom of the Prodigal Son / Conversation Graph” displayed the engraving prints and historical documents of the Archives of the Presbyterian Church via the form of installation art and other artistic forms; Exhibit of “A Glimpse into the Garden of Pastor Ministries” showcased Christian education teaching materials across different eras; Exhibits of “Images via the Lens – MacKay × Taiwan Contemporary Photography” and “Journey of Artistic Spiritual Thoughts – Feng Jun-lan × Lo Song-en × Yang Chin ” utilized composite photography and art works to communicate with the public. After the opening service, exhibition coordinator Chuang Hsin-tien and Luo Song-en jointly led a tour of this Christian Education Expo.