Taiwan Church News
3395 Edition
20 – 26 March, 2017
Headline News

Groundbreaking For Both Shoki Coe Memorial Library And PCT Historical Archive Museum In TTCS

Reported by Chen Yi-fan
In the afternoon on March 16, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in Tainan Theological College and Seminary(TTCS) for both Shoki Coe Memorial Library and PCT History Archive Museum. It is estimated a new library with museum will be established at the site in 2019 to play her major educational function as training missionary and preserving PCT historical archives.

Noteworthy is that, during the levelling operation at the working site, the building foundation of Chu-Ting-Tong, the first newspaper and printing house of Taiwan Church News founded by Rev Thomas Barclay, was accidentally found up by the workers. Therefore, Rev Fang Lang-ting of Taiwan Church Press was specially invited to attend this ceremony and accept a mortar segment of the building remains from Rev Wong Chong-gyiau, Presedent of TTCS, to witness the history-breaking event of the mission ministry in 19th century’s Taiwan.

Rev Lin Bum-tiat, general secretary of TTCS, remarked in the ceremony that the foundational remains of Chu-Ting-Tong would be well planed, preserved, and showcased to the public how this historical site partcipated and contributed to the development of Taiwanese culture. Quoting Jesus words from the scripture, “The stone that the builder rejected has become the cornerstone”(Matthew 21:42), Rev Fang Lang-ting responded with his vision for Taiwan Church Press that she will become a news media with historical perspective and insight.

In the groundbreaking ceremony, the assembly also prayed for the safety of the construction workers, financial donations for the libray, the missionary goals of the kairos, the campus safety during the construction, and etc. Many TTCS staffs, faculties, and students attended this significant ceremony, including Rev Wong Chong-gyiau(president of TTCS), Dr Lin Chaun-fen(academic chief), Rev Seh Chong-hsin(administrative chief), and Vavauni Ljaljegean(president of the student union). Finally, Rev Lo Ren-quei(president of alumni association of TTCS), delivered his prayer and blessing for this library.

As the storage of historical documents requires specific temperature, humidity, and other conditions, Rev Ng Tiat-gan, director of PCT’s Research and Development Center, expressed that it was quite a challenging and significant task for PCT’s historical archives to locate a museum finally in TTCS. The PCT historical archive museum, located in new library with its floor area about 528 square meter, will accomodate precious church historical files donated by Elder John Lai and PCT historical documents. As to TTCS’s old libray, it will transform into a relics museum showcasing the first pinting machine of Taiwan Church Press, the belongings of Rev Thomas Barclay and etc.

Translated by Peter Wolfe