A Thanksgiving Service Held For Taiwan Society’s Strong Commitment To Rebuild The Inflicted Eastern Taiwan After Three Typhoons In 2016


Taiwan Church News
3398 Edition
10 – 16 April, 2017
Church Ministry

A Thanksgiving Service Held For Taiwan Society’s Strong Commitment To Rebuild The Inflicted Eastern Taiwan After Three Typhoons In 2016

Reported by Lin Jing-chia

In the afternoon on April 7, PCT’s Church and Society Committee held a thanksgiving service paying tributes to those concerned parties, like the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) administration, NGOs, documentary directors, actors, singers, legislators and volunteer groups, who had offered material or technical support in the rehabilitation of the marginalized families and villages of eastern Taiwan hit by a series of strong typhoons in the summer of 2016.

Puzangalan(meaning hope), the outstanding aboriginal Paiwan children choir once performed in the 2016
presidential inauguration ceremony, was specially invited to sing their praise in the service. The audience were all deeply touched and encouraged by their incredibly angel-like voice as if a light of hope just shining ahead of Taiwan society.

Rev Cheng Kuo-chong, secretary of PCT’s Church and Society Committee, reported to the assembly the PCT’s coordinated efforts of the 2016 rehabilitation of eastern Taiwan hit by a series of summer typhoons: Nepartak, Meranti, and Megi. Total donation received was NT$ 18, 788, 980, roughly about US$ 626,300, and 83% of the donation was used on house re-construction and repair, Rev Cheng said with a reminder that experiencing a trial of God would never be a suffering in vain as his amazing grace would unfailingly revealed in the people’s solidarity!

Rev Lyim Hong-tiong, General Secretary of PCT General Assembly, paid tributes to the strong commitment and hard-working efforts by so many volunteer groups, documentary directors, singers, actors, President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice President Chen Jien-ren, many legislators from DPP and New Power Party(NPP), who all demonstrated their strong support for PCT in such reconstruction programs.

In the end of the thanksgiving service, Rev Sudu Tada awarded an appreciation certificate made of the aboriginal Paiwan pottery to the concerned parties and persons deeply committed and involved in the rehabilitation project of eastern Taiwan hit by three large-scaled typhoons. A cheque of NT$ two million dollars was also granted to Mr Yu Ray-fong, leader of the volunteer group named The Taiwanese Heart, for continuing to rebuild and repair the damaged households.

Mr Yu expressed his special thanks to the cash urgently raised by President Tsai Ing-wen’s Thinking Taiwan Foundation, Tung Ho Steel Corporation and many more anonymous donors. Without these offering as first aid, many reconstruction work could not even be launched, Mr Yu said, adding that in total 34 damaged houses were repaired and 12 houses rebuilt by the engaged volunteer groups.

Mr Jor Rong-tai, Deputy Secretary of DPP, remarked that the newly-elected DPP administration promptly delved into the rehabilitation project last year and even President Tsai Ing-wen donated NT$ 700,000 for the typhoon-inflicted area from her own campaign surplus. Mr Jor also expressed DPP’s sincere appreciation to PCT’s compassionate engagement to Taiwan through a firm commitment to comfort the traumatized and her strong support to rebuild the inflicted households.

Translated by Peter Wolfe