Chien-Fong Presbyterian Church Commemorates Jesus’ Passion In A Taizé Worship


Taiwan Church News
3399 Edition
17 – 23 April, 2017
Church Ministry

Chien-Fong Presbyterian Church Commemorates Jesus’ Passion In A Taizé Worship

Reported by Lin Wang-ting

At 8:00 p.m. on April 14, Chien-Fong Presbyterian Church of Pingtung Presbytery held a Taizé worship to commeorate the passion week. About 50 people attended this service. A short sermon was added, considering church members’ worshiping habits and spiritual demands, to help the congregation to focus on the coming Easter Sunday. In fact, this is the second year since 2016 that Chien-Fong Presbyterian Church practiced a Taizé worship for the services in passion week.

As Taizé worship places the scripture as the inner core and sees the musics as a flexible form, it is a worship without strict liturgical rule or process. In other words, the duration and frequency of singing a hymnal does not have any time limit. It all depends on the heart or feeling of the participators in the assembly, intermitted unhurriedly with a free prayer and deep meditation.

Quoting the scripture, Luke 23:34, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing”, Rev Hsei Chia-en preached his short sermon entitled as “Forgiveness” to illustrate Jesus’ reconciliatory salvation on the cross and encouraged the congregation to follow the sacrificing spirit of Jesus Christ. In the end of the Taizé worship, the congregation held enlightened candles to spell out a totem of “the cross inside of a heart “, meaning the faith of Christ living in our hearts, in order to remember Jesus’ passion for us.

Translated by Peter Wolfe