Pledging To Be A Humbe And Loyal Servant, The 62nd Round Of PCT General Assemby Launched


Taiwan Church News
3400 Edition
24 – 30 April, 2017
Headline News

Pledging To Be A Humbe And Loyal Servant, The 62nd Round Of PCT General Assemby Launched

Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong and Lin Yi-yin

“We are the servants patronized and chosen by God. And more importantly, we are the pastors of God’s beloved church, as the Spirit of the Lord is upon us and we shall preach justice to all nations,” addressed Rev Sudu Tada to the audience in the opening service of the 62nd round of PCT General Assembly held at the auditorium of MacKay Memorial Hospital on April 18.

Rev Sudu Tada, Moderator of the 61st round of PCT General Assembly, encouraged 573 GA members learning
humbly to become loyal servants, standing fast on this island to become the church willing to sacrifice and share, and preaching the good news to become the amazing witness.

Set up as “The Year of Evangelical Ministry”, the designated term of the 62nd PCT General Assembly was opened at the MacKay Memorial Hospital from April 18 to 21. To commemorate 2017 as the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and make the audience reminiscent of the milieu of early Reformation, Rev Liao Chen-hsing was specially invited to play the prelude, via the famous “Silent Prayer” by the Taiwanese composer Hsiao Tyzen, of the opening service by the accordion.

In the opening service, the senior citizens choir of Taipei Presbytery sang two hymns, What a feast you prepared! and The calling of a joyful praise, leading the audience to experience the spirit of the Reformation as “priesthood of all believers”. The assembly also read the scripture verses and the PCT confessions according to their different mother tongues of each ethnic people.

Many pastors and missionaries passed away from April 2016 to April 2017 were also commemorated in prayer,
including Dr Allen Haslup, Rev Milo Thornberry, Elder John (Jack) E. Geddes, and etc. Finally, after the Eucharist hosted by Rev Sudu Tada, the opening service came to an end in Martin Luther’s hymn – A might fortress is our God.

The closing service of the 62nd round of PCT GA was given a sermon by new Moderator – Rev Chen Ming-che.
Quoting 1 Corinthians 1: 1 – 16, Rev Chen urged the Christians to follow Jesus just like the apostle Paul followed the Lord. Rev Chen also advised the church to imitate Paul’s life in compassion, humbleness and willingness to suffer for our Lord, as he firmly believed, when the church could be truly humbled down to listen and negotiate the differences between contentious standpoints, the problems of the church would be reduced significantly and the body of Christ will absolutely be great again!

Translated by Peter Wolfe