Rev Chen Ming-che Elected As PCT Moderator And Rev Abus Takisvilainan Elected As The First Female Officer Of PCT General Assembly


Taiwan Church News
3400 Edition
24 – 30 April, 2017
General Assembly News

Rev Chen Ming-che Elected As PCT Moderator And Rev Abus Takisvilainan As The First Female Officer Of The 62nd PCT General Assembly

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

The official result of the offices for the 62nd round of PCT General Assembly(GA) was finally announced in the annual meeting! Rev Chen Ming-che was elected as the Moderator of PCT GA with 492 votes; Rev Hsuei Bor-Zan as Vice Moderator with 444 votes; Rev Chang Hsien-Jueh as Secretary with 378 votes; Rev Abus Takisvilainan as Vice Secretary with 274 votes; Elder Hwang Bor-Dong as the accountant with 438 votes.

Noteworthy is that Rev Abus Takisvilainan, a member of Bunun Presbytery, is the first female officer elected in the male-dominated PCT General Assembly. According to an unwritten agreement about officers election within PCT GA, It is also anticipated that four years later Rev Abus would naturally be elected as the first female PCT Moderator in 2020.

During the election of Vice Secretary, though some GA members raised some questions: for example, which is the correct spelling of Rev Abus’ name in Chinese; whether it is appropriate for Moderator Rev Sudu Tada to express his favor for a female candidate to be elected on this office before the election; request for the candidates to express their stances on the issue of equal rights marriage for LGBT people and etc, the election process still went smoothly with all GA members’ reception of Rev Sudu Tada’s explanation and a decision from the director of PCT Church Law Committee that it is illegal and unnecessary for the candidates to respond any inquiry, especially equal rights marriage, before the election.

Translated by Peter Wolfe