“War Is Over, Suffering No More” – Rev Wang Jen-wen Died At 52 Years Old

Taiwan Church News
3403 Edition
15 – 21 May, 2017
Obituary News

“War Is Over, Suffering No More” – Rev Wang Jen-wen Died At 52 Years Old

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

At 5:17 p.m. on May 10, Rev Wang Jen-wen, a church history teacher in Tainan Theological College and Seminary(TTCS) and a pastor member of Hsin-chu Presbyetry, peacefully passed away with her gentle smile in the hospice ward of National Cheng Kung University Hospital. She is 52 years old.

Rev Wang had served as director of Hsin-chu College Student Center, Evagelist of Hsian-san Presbyterian Church, and an appointed lecturer of TTCS since 2004 after she returned from a theological studies in Kirchliche Hochschule Bethel of Bielefeld, Germany.

In her teaching years in TTCS, the major course she lectured was the church history. Her book, A long river of faith – an investigation into the root of European religions, is deemed as an excellent introduction to Christian faith. She had also made a deep study into the field of liturgy, always inspiring students to create new forms of worship or inject aesthetic elements into ritual. In recent years, via giving more care and attention towards those marginalized Christians expelled by the mainstream churches, Rev Wang brought so much warmth and peace to those desperately in need.

Entitled as “War Is Over, Suffering No More”, an article of Rev Wang was published in the famous Keng-Sing Weekly this April. The final paragraph, like her heartfelt confession of faith, read:”If somebody asks me, what is the wonderful things to have this deadly disease? I want to say: the biggest blessing is that we could no more learn to fight, we could put down all our pursuit of power and fame, and no more wield the swords in our hands. Even trapped in our suffered body in pains, we could still look up to the cross and listen to our savior Jesus speaking to us “I am the resurrection and the life!”

Translated by Peter Wolfe