PCT Holds A Sustainable And Ecological Development Seminar For Aboriginal People


Taiwan Church News
3413 Edition
July 24 – July 30, 2017
Headline News

PCT Holds An Sustainable And Ecological Development Seminar For Aboriginal People

Reported by Umav

In order to understand current status of aboriginal farming and its marketing, and deliver a future plan of aboriginal development and evangelical ministry, PCT Indigenous Ministry Committee(IMC)held a seminar, entitled as “A seminar for aboriginal development and ministry”, at Yu-Shan Theological College and Seminary from July 19 to July 21.

Through the methods of Open Space Technology(OST), hosted by Rev Lyon Hong-going(PCT General Secretary), many experienced aboriginal pastors and field workers, like Rev Peleng(former General Secretary of Drekay Presbytery), Dr Lo En-chia(director of Department of Development of Tayal Presbytery) and Rev Chon Yi-Shun(specialist of aboriginal development at IMC), all came to share their thoughts and stories to the audience.

Rev Peleng, a pastor came form Kucapungane tribe of Drekay Presbytery, stressed that the most important value to develop aboriginal economics or related industries is to set up a self-governance model and protect our aboriginal land and people.

Witnessed by versatile dimensional ministries, like indigenous languages courses, training of traditional arts and handcrafts, long-term Medicare for the aged people and etc, during his service in Ping-nan Church, and the Aboriginal Agricultural and Innovative Park cooperated with Yong-da Technical College, Rev Peleng urged the aboriginal communities to develop aboriginal industries from ground-zero with a chain of practical measures: training talents, connecting resources, marketing, research and development, quality assurance and full support for evangelical ministries.

Rev Omi Wilang, secretary of Church and Society of IMC, reminded that thinking about the economic development of the aboriginal society from a ministerial point of view should not be confined to the economical index whether the material demands of the aborigines are met, but a pursuit premised by sustainability and eco-friendship to bring back traditional wisdoms in our ecological environment.

Translated by Peter Wolfe