China! Free Li – Words Spelled Out By Hundreds Of Persons In Taiwan


Taiwan Church News
3421 Edition
September 18 – 24, 2017
Headline News

China! Free Li – Words Spelled Out By Hundreds Of Persons In Taiwan

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

In the afternoon on September 17, over 350 people in red or white T-shirt rallied in Zhong Yang Yiwen park at Taipei and spelled out the words, read “CHINA! FREE LI”, asking China to release immediately Taiwan citizen Li Ming-che who was detained since mid-March, charged in the crime of subverting the state power and forced to plead guilty in an orchestrated trial on September 11.

Ms Yeh Ta-hua, Edler of Peace Island Presbyterian Church and General Secretary of Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare, expresses that the case of Lee Ming-che is a severe challenge to Taiwan government and people whose core values are human rights, democracy and freedom. She especially feels frustrated and sad about the indifferent attitudes shown toward Li’s case by some Taiwan’s NPOs who would rather engage enthusiastically with China in a conformist mind set to kow-tow rather than keep soberly a clear head to recognize who are the evil.

“When all the prisoners of the land are crushed under foot, when human rights are perverted in the presence of the Most High, when one’s case is subverted – does the Lord not see it?”, quoting the scriptures of Lamentations 3:34-36, PCT Evangelist Lee Hsin-ren affirmed this voluntary action calling China to release immediately Li Ming-che. The social participation of PCT in those events related to democracy, freedom and human rights are always justified in theological reflection and missionary spirit and significantly originated from people’s calling for social justice, Evangelist Lee said.

Translated by Peter Wolfe