PCT Hua-Lien Aboriginal Student Center Launches A Rebuilding Project Supported By ASPM


Taiwan Church News
3422 Edition
September 25 – October 1, 2017
Church Ministry

PCT Hua-Lien Aboriginal Student Center Launches A Rebuilding Project Supported By ASPM

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

To carry on an integral ministry for aboriginal college students at eastern Taiwan, a dis-assembling and re-building thanks-giving service of the memorable architecture, located at No 1 Ming Chuan 4th Street Hua-lien, was held at PCT Hua-lien Aboriginal Student Center on September 19.

Except providing a space for the use by PCT Hua-lien Aboriginal College Student Center, this is also a syndicate project supported by American Southern Presbyterian Mission(ASPM), PCT General Assembly and Peace Foundation. In other words, ASPM provides a land about 720 square feet at the rear side of Hua-lien Railway Station, PCT General Assembly and Peace Foundation are responsible to raise money, and Howard Hotel Group has to build a resort and maintain its operation including training and employing aboriginal students and personnels in the hotel’s future service and management.

During the service, Rev John McCall, a PC(USA) missionary stationed at Taiwan, is invited to deliver his sermon, entitled as “A house full of love”, reviewing how this student center building supporting aboriginal student ministry in Hualien was initiated from ASPM’s missionaries Robert L. Montgomery in 1960s, and later through ministries of Robert Donnell McCall, Stewart Bridgman, and Lin Chun-sik in 1999 up to now.

Rev McCall remarked that missionary Robert Donnell McCall, his brother-in-law, loved the beautiful lands and the aboriginal people of eastern Taiwan so much that half of his ashes was bid to bury at the cemetery of Kuan-fu Presbyterian Church at Hua-lien after he retired and died at US.

Translated by Peter Wolfe