Japan’s Kirisuto Kyodai Dan Church Visits PCT’s Versatile Churches And Dynamic Ministries


Taiwan Church News
3423 Edition
October 2 – 8, 2017
Church Ministry

Japan’s Kirisuto Kyodai Dan Church Visits PCT’s Versatile Churches And Dynamic Ministries

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

Five pastors of Kirisutu Kydai Dan(Christ Brother Group Church, abbreviated as KKD below), including Rev Shinya Terahigashi, Rev Shige Mura, Rev Nobusashi Sawamura, Rev Aiichiro Nagauchi and Rev Kimiyoshi Kudo, paid their first visit to PCT and her local congregations from September 25 to 29.

To understand PCT’s indegenous ministry, these KKD pastors went to visit the rural aboriginal Pei-Yeh Church and her Paiwan Presbytery Office in the afternoon on September 25. Next day’s morning, they were generously received by the aboriginal Un-Hei Church of Bunun Presbytery at Mai-liao Township of Yunlin County to learn the ministries of urban aboriginal church. In the afternoon on September 26, KKD pastors visited Tek-teng Church of Changhua Presbytery to see how the church ministries organically developed within the community.

On September 27, KKD pastors visited PCT General Assembly Office and well received by Rev Lyim Hong-tion(PCT General Secretary), Rev Chhoa Nam-sin(Associate General Secretary) and Evangelist Lian Chin-siong(Secretary of Ecumenical Relations Committee). PCT’s One-Leads-One Evangelical Movement and its related projects was given a detailed introduction to KKD pastors by Rev Chhoa Nam-sin.

On September 28, the last stop of KKD pastors went to Tong-San Church of Chi-Hsin Presbytery at Yi-lan County in north-eastern Taiwan. Rev Zeng Chon-ren, pastor of Tong-San Church, introduced his local ministries in caring the marginalized families, supporting the community children in homework and helping migrant workers on their daily concerns.

After an impressive visit of PCT’s versatile congregations and dynamic ministries, five KKD pastors left this beautiful island with abundant blessings and fly back home on September 29.

Translated by Peter Wolfe