Shin-Wen Church Commits To Restore Coastal Zone At Hou-Mei Community

Taiwan Church News
3427 Edition
October 30 – November 5, 2017
Headline News

Shin-Wen Church Commits To Restore Coastal Zone At Hou-Mei Community

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

Once there was a beautiful coastal zone stretched three kilometers long at Hou-Mei Community of Chayi County. But, due to a huge sand demand under Budai fishing harbor extension project 20 years ago, the magnificent beach at Hou-mei community is no more existing. Instead, under the seasonal blowing of Northeast monsoon, the air quality indexed by yellow sand and the regression of seawater into a beach-free Hou-mei community becomes more and more serious.

In order to restore a coastal zone as it used to be, all members of Shin-Wen Presbyterian Church, including pastor, elders and deacons together with teachers and students of the neighboring elementary and junior high school, working hard to set up 12 sand-raising bamboo fences utilizing wasted oyster-raising frames on October 23 at the beach of Hou-mei community.

Rev Yang San-Hsiang, pastor of Shin-Wen Church, remarked that the reasons why local community had been always suffered the regression of seawater and a deteriorating air quality at the seasonal monsoon were well know among local elders – it is evidently due to the disappearance of our natural coastal zone. Now, all our elders of the church council has decided to partake in a local restoration project of the coastal zone to protect the environment and our next generation, Rev Yang said.

Translated by Peter Wolfe