Women Fellowship Of Tainan Presbytery Visit Premier Lai


Taiwan Church News
3429 Edition
November 13 – 19, 2017
Church Ministry

Women Fellowship Of Tainan Presbytery Visit Premier Lai

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

During the rising protests from domestic labor groups on the government’s revision of a stringent Standard Labor Acts, a so-called “one fixed and one flexible day off per week”, Women Fellowship of Tainan Presbytery(WFTP) visited Premier William Lai, who was a Tainan City Mayor about three months ago, giving their utmost encouragement at the Executive Yuan on November 11.

Premier Lai personally showed up to receive these special guests from Tainan, introducing his cabinet’s administration outline and President Tsai’s policy directon and soliciting for more support and approval from Tainan’s citizens on his effort to loosen current Standard Labor Acts. Finally, Premier Lai took a photograph with each member of WFTP one by one.

Except granting their enthusaitic support for their beloved and respectable former mayor, Mrs Chen Yu-fen, chief leader of WFTP, remarked that another purpose of this vist is to urge Premier Lai inject more government resources on the issues of women rights, kindergarten education and long-term-care employment rights for the middle or senior aged women.

Translated by Peter Wolfe