Ciao-Tou Church & Mai-Liao Center Of Hope Launched To Serve More People At Distant Villages


Taiwan Church News
3429 Edition
November 13 – 19, 2017
Church Ministry

Ciao-Tou Church & Mai-Liao Center Of Hope Launched To Serve More People At Distant Villages

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

On November 12, a groundbreaking and thanksgiving ceremony for a new church building of Ciao-Tou Presbyterian Church & Mai-Liao Center of Hope was launched at Ciao-Tou village, a far-fetched tribe in Mai Liao Township of Yun Lin County.

To show their fervent approval for the church’s long-term and grass-rooted ministries in this distant village, about 300 invited guests came to attend this significant event, including Magistrate of Yun Lin County – Mr Lee Chin-yung and his wife, Mayor of Mai Liao Township – Mr Hsu Chung-fu, Fr Hsui Ching-san of St Peter Church in Hsilou Township, principals of Mai Liao Junior Middle School and Chiao-Tou Elementary School.

In his past 18 years of pastoral ministry, Rev Kuo Seh-chon, pastor of Ciao-Tou Presbyterian Church, had ministered many kinds of community services, like food bank, moon-light angel(offering protection to women and children in the evening hours), coastal classroom(homework assistance and curriculum studies for elementary school children), life education in Mai Liao Junior Middle School(teenager guidance and counseling), and caring for the marginalized families of Ciao-Tou Elementary School.

The reason, for why the name of “Mai Liao Center of Hope” is added as a part of the church’s official title, is to demolish the religious barriers of different faiths among community members, Rev Kuo remarks, adding “[b]ecause this (Center of Hope) is a community fellowship to realize what love is, and an evangelical church to enrich our life content and bring God’s love to more people!”

Setting up on a land about 500 square meter, the new church building is a three stories structure with a boat outlook. Except including a beautiful church inside, there are also professional central kitchen system(for training kitchen invoice to receive a C-level certificate), office, classroom, library, praying room, guest bedroom and pastor’s house. As the budget to build this building is about NT$ 40 million(US$ 1.33 million), PCT members are called to pray and donate for this project.

Translated by Peter Wolfe