Tatung Presbyterian Church Give Thanksgivings After Serious Traffic Accident


Taiwan Church News
3436 Edition
1 – 7 January, 2018
Headline News

Tatung Presbyterian Church Give Thanksgivings After Serious Traffic Accident

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

On 24 October 2017, a devastating traffic accident occurred to the sight-seeing senior members of Pine-Life- Fellowship of Tatung Presbyterian Church of Tainan Presbytery, when their tour bus was on its way back from the renown Qingjing Farm. Causing one dead and 23 others seriously wounded, this accident seems to be attributed to a bus’ brake failure during its descending down along the slope of the hill.

After two months of healing and recoveries, a thanksgiving prayer assembly, was held on 31 December 2017 by the church choir of Tatung Presbyterian Church to share with the congregation the thanksgivings and faith stories of these injured and traumatized church senior members.

Sister Wu Su-yun, who was 74-year-old and seriously wounded with symptoms of intracerebral hemorrhage, spine cord compression and fractures of ribs after the accident happened, shared her nine days experiences in intensive care unit as a positive thing enabling her to learn and cherish the importance of care and love from the families and church fellows.

Supporting by the crutch and walking slowly to the podium, Sister Lai Tzu-li, who is the conductor of the church choir and was also critically injured during this accident, shared her extremely anxious shouting as “Lord, save me!” at that very moment of clashing. After her mother in the same bus was confirmed safe at the chaotic site of the accident, she suddenly found she was seriously bleeding and her legs could not moved, Sister Lai said.

During these two months of healing and rehabilitation, Sister Lai was very appreciated to receive so many support and companionship from church brothers and sisters. Through such a personal experience of this accident and the following tender care and incessant love from the church fellows, she now has a deeper understanding of the saying: suffering is a disguised blessing, Sister Lai said.

Translated by Peter Wolfe