Archery Competition Is Held To Care And Unite Urban Aborigine


Taiwan Church News
3451 Edition
16 – 22 April, 2018
Church Ministry

Archery Competition Is Held To Care And Unite Urban Aborigine

Reported by Lin Wan-ting

On April 14th, to give pastoral care and entertainment for urban aboriginal men and women hardworking across Taiwan island, the fourth round of Ta-Tung Cup of aboriginal archery competition was held in Chang-Ann Seng-Lin Park at Pingtung City.

Rev Ljegean Dutarimau, general secretary of PCT Paiwan Presbytery, said: “Though a city have more resources to attract all walks of life to settle together, urban aborigine is still one of the most marginalized peoples whose material and spiritual demands need to be taken care of seriously”. Therefore, to care and unite the urban aborigines across Taiwan urban cities, an annual archery competition using aboriginal arch and arrows is hosted by Pingtung Aboriginal Integral Care And Development Association.

Many urban aboriginal church-teams from other cities, like Taichung, Tainan and Taitung, specially came to participate this competition after months of training and preparation. Even sister churches, like Rosemary Catholic Church, Ta-ya Methodist Church and Amis Church, also attended this archery competition with local Paiwan and Rukai athletes. Blessed with warm sunshine and cheering winds, in addition that the competition programs are very entertaining and also full of challenges, this annual traditional celebration of archery sports is a big success!

Translated by Peter Wolfe