[3326] How Long Will The Fuss Be Enough

Taiwan Church News

3326 Edition

November 23 – 22, 2015



How Long Will The Fuss Be Enough?


When Wang Hu-hsuan was finally nominated as KMT Vice Presidential candidate on 18 November 2015, it reminds Taiwan society how she, as the Minister of the Council of Labor Affairs(CLA) from 2008 to 2012, made those laid-off workers lying on rails or being committed suicide to protest injustice. In order to get back central government’s subrogation cost and its related 3% interests, among the annual CLA’s 2013 budget, Wang even decided to use NT$ 20 million to employ 80 lawyers filing lawsuits against 600 workers families according to Lawyer Chiu Hsien-ze.


When dozens of workers from the National Alliance of Laid Off Workers gathered before the Legislative Yuan, keeling down to submit petition or dragging coffins around the congress building to deliver an utmost protest, Wang still ruthlessly insisted to file lawsuits against those laid-off workers. Wang did not change her mind until March 2014. When the court judged CLA lost its case and the Premier of Executive Yuan order CLA to close the case and appeal no more, Wang complied accordingly and said “respecting the ruling of the court”.


But the fuss of such similar law suits, filed in advance by the bad guys, are not uncommon even in our church community. Along one of the most populous street, section II of Chung-shan road at Taipei city, PCT have established the church and the hospital over a century. Especially, Mackay Memorial Hospital(MMH) is not only a community leader of Taipei’s medical hospitals, but also a very important financial supporter for the evangelical missions of PCT. But now the once moving and amazing stories, narrating Rev. Mackay pulled out over 10,000 rotten tooth from the mouth of the Taiwanese for the gospel’s sake, is utterly polluted by the continuous civil lawsuits against PCT officals by Chuang Kun-Ming and Tsai Wei-hsiao.


In the mid-September, claiming loss of salary and damage of reputation by a previous provisional injunction on their duties as MMH board directors,  Chuang and Tsai filed lawsuits against seven PCT affiliated institutes and three persons. For his past salaries, Chung asked PCT to compensate an amount of NT$ 2.5 million and Tsai asked NT$ 1 million. But, according to current stipulations for all board directors in PCT affiliated institutes, the borad directors acted by Chuang and Tsai are positions without remunerations. Besides, they are not the investors of MMH, it is so ridiculous for them to file this case.


On the other hand, regarding the Christian Chang-Jung University(CJCU), which used to be claimed as the pride of PCT in southern Taiwan, her board of management is now totally out of control and no less unbridled like Chuang and Tsai. Instead of a due retirement, CJCU’s chairman of board of management still clings to his position and even interferes the daily operation of the campus administration. Does it mean the fuss will carry on, if we just keep silent? Sincerely, we wish “faithfulness will spring up from the ground, and righteousness will look down from from the sky!”(Psalm 85:11)