[3375]Love Without Conditions


Taiwan Church News

3375 Edition

October 31 – November 6, 2016



Love Without Conditions


Indeed, the issue of gender stirs up quite a wave of people’s emotions and values recently. As November 1 is set up as the Gender Justice Day by PCT, let us grab this opportunity to deliberate if there is any specific meaning on this day. PCT, as a religious group concerning about gender justice in a long term perspective, wishes to respond to our God’s amazing grace with a mature faith compliant to the standards of gender justice.

We human being are created by the creator God only. The is a confession of our faith. Before God, life of all created beings are all cherished and unique. Every God-created life is equal and deserves the same right to live and not death. In our traditional belief, the doctrine “(only)male and female God created them”(Gen 1: 27) seems more and more unable to describe God’s creative and wonderful creations.

In modern society, diverse kinds of gender are found existed with people for long. Their existence are too real to be denied, except people choose to reject or ignore. These people, with a different gender identity from traditional ones, refusing to succumb to the view that they are the flaws of God’s creation. Instead, they insist they are the treasured ones in God’s house. Anyone, whoever boasted his or her sexual orientation as the only political-correct or trampled on other people’s living rights and values, should be deemed as a blasphemy to our highest God and an irresponsible provocation to the ideal of “each creature should and could only responsible to its creator”.

Though the third gender existed as a minority, the issue of how these marginalized people could be fairly treated is central to our Christian faith. And this is the point of departure that PCT’s stance differs from those of Alliance of Religious Groups for the Protection of Family.

Human beings created by God are not only limited to men and women. The third gender, whose life characteristics beyond men and women, is innocent. They are not God’s flawed products, but a treasured minority among human beings. Any humiliation to these third gender fellows is actually a wicked profanation to God’s amazing grace!

As a matter of fact, the third gender minority indeed exist in our society, and the church should become their guardian and shelter to protect them from unfair accusation. Let the church of Christ become the cities of refuge to welcome the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed into the kingdom of the compassionate God!

In front of God, we are all sinners and yet blessed with the righteousness via the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So, we should treat each other equal. This is a calling from the kingdom of God and also our confession and praxis in Jesus Christ. Since God shows his eternal love through Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross, the church should follow faithfully and give out love without conditions!