[3063] PCT heads issue pastoral letter, lead prayer rallies ahead of Nov. 27 vote

3063 Edition
November 8~14, 2010
Headline News

PCT heads issue pastoral letter, lead prayer rallies ahead of Nov. 27 vote

Reported by Lin Yi-ying

Written by Lydia Ma

As parts of Taiwan prepares for the Nov. 27 elections for mayors, city councilors and borough chiefs in the 5 new special municipalities – Taipei City, Xinbei City, Taichung City, Tainan City, and Kaohsiung City – PCT Church and Society Committee got a head start by issuing a pastoral letter to all PCT clergy on October 5, 2010.

The letter began by detailing the damages the Ma administration had inflicted on Taiwan in the past 2 years and how it’s autocratic governing, coupled with its China-leaning policies, had really disappointed its supporters.

It went on to state that many Taiwanese now feel powerless to change policies and initiatives that they don’t like and have therefore become deferential and passive. But it is especially in times like these that PCT members need to go out and vote “Presbyterian” by supporting candidates who will put Taiwan first, voting against candidates who have a history of bribery, and voting for candidates willing and brave enough to shoulder the responsibilities of governing.

The letter also asked pastors to encourage Presbyterians not living in the 5 municipalities to remind their own friends and families who live within the 5 municipalities to go out and vote on November 27. It also underscored the most important thing Presbyterians living outside these municipalities can do is to pray for God to bless Taiwan with honorable candidates.

PCT Church and Society Committee Secretary Huang Che-yen said that political affairs are everybody’s business. Hence, participating this political process through peaceful means is equivalent to participating in the future of Taiwan and building a better country, and no Taiwanese should shirk from this responsibility.

In related news, PCT Associate General Secretary Lyim Hong-tiong led hundreds of DPP supporters in prayer on November 6, 2010 near Tamsui River. Despite the drizzle, they gathered together to pray that God would bless Taiwan with new leaders who will love and protect Taiwan.

Lyim underscored that elections are one of the most basic rights enjoyed by Taiwanese people and this democratic process is a means for Taiwanese people to secure their own country’s future. Hence, he urged all eligible voters to come out and vote on November 27th.

Asked why he had prayed specifically for DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen, Lyim replied he’d found her policies for Sinbei Special Municipality to be very sound and beneficial to Sinbei residents. He was also very touched by Tsai as he followed her campaign trail and heard her emphasize how Rev. George Leslie Mackay’s spirit of service and love for Taiwan had inspired her to follow suit in giving her all in ensuring a better future for this country.