Pasikau Church Revives Morning Prayer As A DHL Package Into Village Families


Taiwan Church News
3463 Edition
9 – 15 July, 2018
Church Ministry

Pasikau Church Revives Morning Prayer As A DHL Package Into Village Families

Reported by Hwang Chung-chien

In the past 20 years, an assembly of morning prayer for the country, church and congregation members is kept practicing at 5:00 am in Pasikau Presbyterian Church located at Taitung County. But, following the aging of the participating members, only Rev Haivang Dasununam and one elder can continuously come to the morning prayer. Finally, the morning prayer assembly ceased and turned into personal devotion for quite a period of time.

As the produce of banana and pineapple attains a big harvest for the church members this year, Rev Haivang, who also plays a role as a sale manager of sending local produces direct to consumers across the island, is suddenly enlightened by a question: why not repackage the morning prayer assembly and send such blessings direct into the family of congregation members who are familiar with the express delivery of their farming produces.

Thus, a renewal of morning prayer began! At first, there were 2 to 3 members gathered. Now, through an enthusiastic contact and arrangement of sister Bai Mei-nian, there are sometimes over 10 congregation members will join the morning prayer at the house of congregation members. In this daily assembly, people sing the hymns, read one chapter of the Bunun Bible, hear the messages from the pastor and carry on deliver their intercessions for Taiwan, our country, church and families.

Translated by Peter Wolfe