300 Referral Patients From Kiribati Admitted At MMH


Taiwan Church Press
3464 Edition
16 – 22 July, 2018
Church Ministry

300 Referral Patients From Kiribati Admitted At MMH

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

To help solve Taiwan’s diplomatic conundrums, McKay Memorial Hospital(MMH) had already launched a medical and humanitarian mission quietly to serve the people of Kiribati, an island country located in Central Pacific, from 2007.

Up to date, due to the 300th referral case from Kiribati is admitted at MMH, a press conference is held on July 9 to show Taiwan’s willingness and capability to help our neighboring countries in the international community.

Kiribati’s ambassador Tessie Eria Lambourne and Mr Baushuan Ger, director general of MOFA department of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, are specially invited to honor this special achievement among the Republic of Kiribati, Taiwan government and MMH, as an affiliated institute of PCT.

According to Mr Ger, the medical services supplied by MMH to the people of Kiribati are not only limited 300 referral cases up to date, two batches of medical staff are sent to this island country annually since 2007 and another resident medical team was also stationed there to train Kiribati’s medical staffs from 2014. No wonder the name of MaKay is a household name in Kiribati, Mr Ger pays his tribute to MMH’s awesome achievement for the cause of a Christian faith.

Translated by Peter Wolfe