[3137] Taichung youths use “flash mobs” to share the Gospel during Easter


3137 Edition
April 9-15, 2012
Headline News

Taichung youths use “flash mobs” to share the Gospel during Easter

Reported by Chen Wei-chien

Written by Tsai Sheng-hsin

On April 8th, the Fengyuan zone belonging Taichung Presbytery Youth Ministry hosted the “Easter ‘8 Beatitudes’ Flash Mobs”. Gathering at SOGO Department Store in Fengyuan, Fengyuan Train Station, and Miao Dong Night Market, participants sang and danced to the song “8 Beatitudes”. The whole activity concluded with the singing of Gospel songs and participants also distributed Gospel tracts.

Flash mobs are a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, and sing, dance, or perform an unusual act for a short while, then quickly disperse. Lin Chia-yi, the planner of this event, was worried in the beginning that participants might be too shy to perform in public. However, it turned out that everyone enjoyed this event and even interacted with peers they didn’t know very well before this event.

“Easter is such a special day. Therefore, it’s wonderful if young people can go out and share the Gospel on that day. When we were planning the event, someone suggested using flash mobs. Flash mobs have been a trend among young people to express their ideas. Also, the song ‘8 Beatitudes’ fits very well,” said Lin.

Rev. Chen Ming-wen, pastor of the Fengyuan Presbyterian Church, approved the event and said that every generation had its own way of expressing itself. The pastor of Daya Presbyterian Church, Rev. Chang Jia-shing also supported this event. She indicated that in the past, PCT always gave people an impression of being conservative. “However, it is important to go out to share the Gospel. This is a starting point and it can be the kindling younger generations need to be more active,” she said.

Chuan Sheng-yu, the director of the Taichung Presbytery’s Youth Ministry, said that this year, the youth section would focus on the Fengyuan district and the coastal district. These two districts have been left out for a long time, due to their distance from downtown Taichung. Chuan also admired the flash mob event. “Young people in church are normally shy when it comes to these kinds of activities; however, this time, they were not afraid to express their thoughts and they were very brave. It is really laudable,” she said.