Front Line WVI Co-workers Report Current Status Of Refugee


Taiwan Church News
3464 Edition
16 – 22 July, 2018
Church Ministry

Front Line WVI Co-workers Report Current Status Of Refugee

Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong

Before a 16,000 mass assembly of the 29th 30 Hour Famine Act, held simultaneously at Linkou and Kaohsiung on July 14, two World Vision International(WVI) front line co-workers, Mr Francis Mading Chol(Food Rescue Senior Specialist from South Sudan) and Mr Ajab-Aram Raquel Macapagat(Director of First Aid Response from Philippine) reported to Taiwan society about current status of refugee, especially on the area of South Sudan and Bangladesh.

Mr Chol pointed out that, due to a continuous political conflict and a long term drought-driven famine, South Sudan has become one of the most fragile countries in the world. According to an International Food Security Report, delivered in February 2018, about 7.1 million people are now facing the threat of famine from May to July because of a poor harvest. Now, WVI is working hard cooperating with other international agencies to protect the most vulnerable children and woman in South Sudan, said Mr Chol.

Mr Macapagat expressed that, in the refugee camp of Cox Bazar at Bangladesh, about 910,000 Rohingya people fled from Myanmar have already been accommodated there up to date. As the Rohingya refugee continue to flood in the camp, the increasing demand of basic resources – clean water, food, shelter and other necessities – become an urgent issue, not to mention the issue how to sustain those originally inhabited 400,000 Bangladesh under this dire situation.

Facing these world-wide famine and poverty, World Vision Taiwan encouraged Taiwanese not only care these overseas refugee through attending a 30 Hour Famine Act, but also concern Taiwan society’s vulnerable families who are still under heavy financial burden and unable to afford 3 meals proper per day.

Translated by Peter Wolfe