Children Encounter The Wisdom Of God In Popular Science Camp


Taiwan Church News
3468 Edition
August 13 – 19, 2018
Church Ministry

Children Encounter The Wisdom of God In Popular Science Camp

Reported by Huang Chong-chien

To encourage Sunday school children to learn more about nature, enjoy the popular science in a milieu of fun and curiosity, and seek further the wisdom of God in awe and respect, a five days’ bilingual and scientific summer camp is held at Kwei-Ren Presbyterian Church from July 30 to August 3, 2018.

Led by a group of overseas and domestic college students, versed in doing kinds of scientific experiments, many children, who step into the church first time form local community, are totally attracted into a beautiful new world opened to them through science.

Seeing electric cars run, model planes fly and so many amazing scientific experiments, powered by invisible electric current or marvelous leverage movements, the children cannot help but express their innocent wonder with a bigger curiosity to learn more about the nature and science.

Rev Lee Ing-hsien, pastor of Kwei-Ren Presbyterian Church, highly affirms the value of holding such popular science camp for the children from local community. Not only human instinct toward knowledge can be ignited through the pursuit of science, Rev Lee says, but also a proper attitude to seek the wisdom of God in awe and respect can be established in such summer camp of popular science.

Translated by Peter Wolfe