Let Taiwan Be Taiwan To Join Tokyo 2020 Olympics, No More Chinese Taipei


Taiwan Church News
3468 Edition
August 13 – 19, 2018
Topical News

Let Taiwan Be Taiwan To Join Tokyo 2020 Olympics, No More Chinese Taipei

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

A second phase petition signature for rectification of the name of Taiwan Olympics team is under way enthusiastically across the island. Up to August 13, 180,000 signed petitions have been collected. To reach the legal threshold of raising a referendum on November 24, a grand nine-in-one election day in Taiwan, it is wished to get 100,000 more petitions before August 29.

To invite more Taiwanese citizens to sign up for Taiwan’s right to join Olympics using the name of Taiwan, no more using the odd name of “Chinese Taipei”, a group of TAUP youth called Number 1 Youth for Taiwan Independence ride Ubike proclaiming the ideal of name rectification for Taiwan in Taipei’s downtown, from Ta-Dau-Chen Harbor to Taipei Railway Station, in the afternoon on August 9.

Rev Lin Wei-lien, secretary of PCT’s Church and Society Committee, expresses his thanksgiving and appreciation for receiving 11,000 petitions from many PCT local churches up to August 13. He also urges more churches open their doors, acting as the intermediary station to accept the petition signature from the public.

As this is a very good opportunity to preach the good news and witness Jesus’ liberation to Taiwan society, Rev Lin said, adding that many Taiwanese first time ever step into the church because of this cause and give their thanksgivings for what the Presbyterian Church have served for Taiwan.

Translated by Peter Wolfe