Local Church Holds Music Concert Sharing Peace And Joy To Community


Taiwan Church News
3469 Edition
August 20 – 26, 2018
Church Ministry

Local Church Holds Music Concert Sharing Peace And Joy To Community

Reported by Ho Chia-hen

As the folklore belief of “Ghost Month” stipulates many taboos and prohibitions on Taiwan society, many Taiwanese feel no peace and become frightened to engage normal lives, like travel, business, marriage and etc, in this month. To expel the fears and share God’s peace and joy with local community, a special music concert and service is held at Cheng-Tung Presbyterian Church in Taipei on August 18.

With encouraging messages, delivered by both Rev Chen Yi-ming(PCT Associate General Secretary) and Rev Liao Ming-fah(pastor of Cheng-Tung Presbyterian Churvh), a musical ministry including choir hymnal, chamber music and famous Cityboys Chorus is also performed with comforting hymns for those community residents used to live in fear within the period of Ghost Month.

Citing Jesus’ words, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you”(John 14:27), Rev Chen explicates the importance of peace to each family in current society, especially in the “Ghost Month” of folk religion. He blesses the audience all with peace from God and no more cave in to the darkness.

Sharing his Christian journey turning from a family of folk religion, Rev Liao witnesses how God’s joy and peace can conquer all those dread and anxiety generated by the dark. In the calling of Rev Liao, many community residents are also invited to stand up and move forward to the altar to receive the blessings of joy and peace from God!

Translated by Peter Wolfe