Carpenters Wanted In Devastated Japan Hit By Prapiroon Typhoon In Early July


Taiwan Church Press
3471 Edition
September 3 – 9, 2018
Church Ministry

Carpenters Wanted In Devastated Japan Hit By Prapiroon Typhoon In Early July

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

Even though the whole Taiwan island has been severely flooded by rain in recent weeks, PCT does not forget her Japanese brothers devastated by Prapiroon Typhoon(also called Typhoon Number 7 in Japan) in early July.

Based on a ministry cooperation agreement between PCT and UCCJ(United Church of Christ in Japan), Rev Hsu Cheng-yi(Shi-Ray Church) and Rev Wang Fu-sheng(Nan-Auch Church), two Tayal aboriginal pastors specialized in carpentry, have already reached the Nishihe island of Okayama county and launched their rehabilitation jobs via repairing household furniture and sundry items since August 27.

Thanks to a good-will support from Rev Nobuto Yoshihide(pastor of Wakecho Church) and Mr Yeh Jia-tzu at Okayama county, there are three more Taiwanese carpenters would join this rehabilitation ministry on September 3, according to Rev Lin Wei-liang, secretary of PCT’s Church and Society Committee.

More remarkable is that Ms Sumire, boss of local hotel – “Sumire No Ya”, especially pledge to offer free lodging, meals and 2,000 yen per day for 10 Taiwanese voluntary carpenter, after learning PCT’s good-will engagement in this ministry.

Up to date, PCT is still recruiting carpenters to join in this rehabilitation ministry. Anyone, who is qualified and willing to stay in Japan for at least two weeks, could contact Rev Lin Wei-lien at Tel:+886-2-23625282 ext 255.

Translated by Peter Wolfe