Taiwan Church Youth Glorifying God In 18th Asian Games


Taiwan Church News
3472 Edition
September 10 – 16, 2018
Topical News

Taiwan Church Youth Glorifying God In 18th Asian Games

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

When Taiwan gets her historical best performance in the 18th Asian Games, listed as the 7th among 45 competing countries and awarded 17 gold medals, 19 silver and 31 copper, Taiwan’s church youth also do a great job winning gold medals in the contests of karate(under 50 kilograms) and mixed doubles soft tennis.

Gu Shiau-Shang, a church youth from Chin-Yun Presbyterian Church of Central Bunin Presbytery, beats Uzbek’s Bakhriniso Babaeva in 3-2 to take the gold in the woman’s under-50kg karate; Yu Kia-wen, a church youth from Fish Pond Presbyterian Church of Taichung Presbytery, and his duo partner Chen Chu-long, both rewarded gold medals in the mixed doubles soft tennis after defeating South Korea’s Kim Ki-sung and Mun Hye-gyeong in 5-3.

In a love feast after a Sunday service on September 2, Ms Gu shares the joy of winning a gold medal with church fellows. Rev Lumav, pastor of Chin-Yun Presbyterian Church, expresses that the success of Gu was actually full of challenges and hardships in the strict training and series of contests, especially she was raised up in a family of single-parent without a strong physical body. However, she deserves to be praised as “The Light of Bunin” because she use the gold medal to prove it, Rev Lumav says.

In an interview after winning gold, Mr Yu Kia-wen delivers his thanksgivings to God for granting him confidence and power during the competition. Rev Lin Chih-lang, Mr Yu’s confirmation pastor at Fish Pond Presbyterian Church, affirms Mr Yu’s pious faith as he always go to the church every Sunday with his parents during his training period for Asian Games.

In addition, Mr Yang Yong-wei, a church youth from Nan-Hsih tribe at Ping-tung, also gets a copper medal in Judo contest under 60 kilograms. He was once defeated in the semi-finals of the last 8 bidders, yet he returned back to an amazing victory after beating two competitors at last.

Translated by Peter Wolfe