Ng Chiau-Tong Memorial Park Unveiled In His Home Town, Tainan Chi-Ku

Taiwan Church News
3474 Edition
September 24 – 30, 2018
Topical News

Ng Chiau-Tong Memorial Park Unveiled In His Home Town, Chi-Ku of Tainan

Reported by Chen Yi-fan

Ng Chiau-tong Memorial Park, commemorating a very important pioneer of Taiwan Independence Movement in 20th century, is formally unveiled at his home town – Chi-Ku district of Tainan city on September 21.

Representing President Tsai Ing-wen, Ms Chen Chu, Secretary-General of the Presidential Office, encouraged the audience and Taiwanese compatriots at the opening ceremony of Ng’s memorial park audaciously sticking onto Taiwan Independence values which Prof Ng had struggled for decades. “We shall not let leave him alone on the way of building our great country!”. Ms Chen added.

Speaking at Prof NG’s first returning to Taiwan, after a long term black-list prohibition by KMT regime yet finally could not resist but succumb to a giant democratic pressure from Taiwan society, Ms Chen recalled how Prof Ng was so emotional and almost broke into tears after the airplane landed and before it opened its door.

Recalling many times President Tsai’s paying her heartfelt tribute to Prof Ng’s contribution to Taiwan, Ms Chen said he actually played a very critical role like barrel hoop bolstering all democratic activists together and encouraging Taiwan society marching toward a new and independent country!

Translated by Peter Wolfe