[3056]One-leads-One New Doubling Movement: Up close and personal

Taiwan Church News

3056 Edition

September 20~26, 2010



One-leads-One New Doubling Movement: Up close and personal


Reported by Joe Ko and Sam Lee

Written by Lydia Ma

Photo by Joe Ko and Sam Lee



Rukai Presbytery held a “New Doubling Movement Family Fun Fair” on September 18, 2010, with many of its members signing up and participating in fun races and inviting friends to join in. This event was intended to help presbytery members get involved with PCT’s “One-leads-One New Doubling Movement”.


The purpose of holding this fair was to give Christians an opportunity to invite their friends and family to come to church, get to know Christians through this event, and sow gospel seeds in the hearts of Rukai Aborigines. 

The fair, held at a local high school in Pingtung, included activities or competitions in such as traditional archery, modern water balloon games, softball, track and field and more. There was also some dancing, singing, and praying.


Rev. Kaynwane, Moderator of Rukai Presbytery, pointed out that there are several ways to achieve the goals of PCT’s New Doubling Movement besides holding traditional evangelistic meetings or crusades.


He said sports matches and fun events like carnivals can also be used as a means to attract people to church and God. Rukai presbytery has already included various unique outreach strategies for its missions, family, and men ministries. 




In related news, PCT General Secretary Andrew Chang spoke to 285 retired ministers during a recent retreat for retired pastors and their spouses (which included health check-ups), held at a resort near Tseng-Wen Reservoir in Tainan from September 13~15, 2010.


Chang used this opportunity to address retired ministers about their new roles as mentors and urged them to devote their time and energy to intercessory prayer and helping and mentoring their younger peers in promoting PCT’s “One-leads-One New Doubling Movement”.


According to reports, a group of about 23 retired ministers have started a cell group reaching out to ministers currently serving in Kaohsiung and Taipei areas. Cell group members periodically call ministers to encourage and support them in their ministries. This cell group’s purpose and ministry has been well received by many pastors and elders.


Retired ministers and their spouses shared about their lives after retirement, including how to choose a suitable church to attend and how to spend their time. Some ministers said they’d been volunteering in small, resource- strapped churches, while others said they now had more time to attend church retreats or choir practices.


But the underlining similarity in their stories was that though they may have officially retired from full-time ministry, they’ve yet to retire from doing God’s work and responding to God’s call.