[3052]Presbytery explains young adults’ dating and marriage dilemma

Taiwan Church News

3052 Edition

August 23~29, 2010



Presbytery explains young adults’ dating and marriage dilemma


Reported by Chiou Kuo-rong

Written by Lydia Ma



PCT Seven Stars Presbytery Marriage Committee hopes to strengthen its ministries by providing one-on-one dating that’d allow single young adults to meet one another in an intimate and warm setting.


The committee will hold a gathering on September 18, 2010, at a classy venue in Taipei for young, single adults who’ve already graduated from college.


Ou Shiou-jen, a committee member in charge of this event and an elder of Da-chih Presbyterian Church, observed from her experience in helping young adults find a match that women usually take more initiative than men when it comes to dating or participating in matchmaking events.


She explained that single men are usually consumed with their careers and don’t give much thought to dating and marriage. Some men are too proud of their educational achievements to admit their need for dating services like this one to meet their future spouses. Still others are ashamed of not holding stable or good enough jobs and shy away from dating as result.


Ou believed these 3 factors explained why men are more passive than women when it comes to dating and marriage. But she also noted from her experiences that many young adults today are more accepting of using matchmaking as a means to meet people compared to a few years ago.


Based on her decade long experience in this ministry, Ou urged single young adults to pray earnestly before they begin their search because prayer is of prime importance when it comes to finding a suitable life partner.


She also encouraged them to make sure they really wanted to build a good marriage. “Though this may sound redundant, I’ve met many single men and women who didn’t seriously consider this basic factor when they began dating,” she said.


She emphasized that if single men and women take her two suggestions seriously and actively participate in events for young adults organized by their own churches, they’ll soon find the spouse God has prepared for them.