Taiwan’s Marine Power And Nash Equilibrium Diplomacy Should Not Be Overlooked


Taiwan Church News
3474 Edition
September 24 – 30, 2018
Topical News

Taiwan’s Marine Power And Nash Equilibrium Diplomacy Should Not Be Overlooked

Reported by Chiu Kuo-rong

In a laymen weekend lecture, held in Tong-Meng Presbyterian Church of Chi-Hsin Presbytery on September 22, brother Tsai Chong-suei, a former Taiwan branch office’s general manager of the second largest marine transporter – Mediterranean Shipping Company, delivered a general speech entitled as “A random talk about heaven and sea – From the Age of Discovery To Modern Indian Ocean”.

Showing a statistics of top 17 shipping companies around the world, brother Tsai, a member of Tong-Meng Church with 40 years’ practical experience in shipping business, indicated in the interview that Taiwan owns a very powerful position in the world of marine transportation, evidenced from the undeniable facts of several outstanding world-class shipping companies, for example Evergreen ranked as number 3; Yang Ming ranked number 5 and Wan Hai ranked number 17.

Based on such excellent capability and logistics of Taiwan’s marine transportation, brother Tsai therefore urged Taiwanese compatriots shall not overlook Taiwan’s strength as a marine country. In fact, we possess a very powerful marine military base, Kaohsiung harbor, capable to accommodate our ally’s aircraft carriers or submarines, brother Tsai remarked, adding that facing China’s military threats we have to take more care about national security instead of the strength of our navy.

Mentioning about President Tsai’s not so popular diplomatic tactics of maintaining a status quo balance between USA and China, brother Tsai explained and praised this seemingly fuzzy and weak diplomacy as practicing a “Nash Equilibrium” or a so-called “non-cooperative game” strategy. Such Nash Equilibrium tactics in diplomacy might seem incredibly weak comparing against our immediate stark and concise response, but it did help Taiwan to win some beautiful scores in the precarious and fierce diplomatic battle fields.

Translated by Peter Wolfe