[3078] Christian employer extends bonus to employees who attend evangelistic event

3078 Edition
February 21-27, 2011
Church Ministry News

Christian employer extends bonus to employees who attend evangelistic event

Reported by Sam Lee

Written by Lydia Ma

Da-Ba Restaurant Group’s CEO Lin Huei-yi, a devout Christian entrepreneur, credits God for the success of his restaurant chain. Lin told Taiwan Church News that he never dreamed he’d one day have such a successful business because when he bought the property to build his first restaurant years ago, the area wasn’t considered a business-inducing area in Kaohsiung. Now, years later, his restaurant is one of the best in the city and he has since opened another branch.

Lin, a member of Te-sheng Presbyterian Church in Kaohsiung,

believes his success should be used to further God’s kingdom and help society at large. That’s the reason why he not only takes good care of his employees’ daily needs but also hopes they will hear the gospel and accept Christ one day.

During the afternoon of February 17, 2011, Lin organized an evangelistic meeting by inviting various renown Christian artists in Taiwan to share their stories. He encouraged all employees to attend and offered them overtime pay for attending as they had time off that afternoon. He also invited members of his church to bring friends and family members to attend this meeting.

For Lin and his wife, his restaurant serves as a place for people to hear the gospel. That is the reason why he schedules one weekday service at his restaurants every week and invites his employees to attend. During such gatherings, pastors can get to know, chat, and counsel his employees.

Lin reported that 30% of his employees are now Christians and most of them are first-generation Christians. Seeing employees come to know and accept Christ is one of the happiest moments for this Christian couple.