[3093] PCT holistic evangelism garners international attention at IEPC

3093 Edition
June 6-12, 2011
General Assembly News

PCT holistic evangelism garners international attention at IEPC
Reported by Sam Lee
Written by Lydia Ma
“PCT’s holistic approach to evangelism and the development of democracy in Taiwan are so intricately interconnected it can be an inspiration and model for the rest of the world,” said PCT General Assembly leaders during a seminar at the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC) hosted by the WCC from May 17-25, 2011.  
They added that regardless of whether one studies PCT’s impact from an economic or a sociological viewpoint, how PCT has carried out its goals and done evangelism, as well as its ministry experience over the years are good models for other churches.
According to reports from the PCT delegation that participated in IEPC, when PCT was invited to give its ministry report, much focus was placed on post-Morakot response mechanism, rebuilding projects and aid because response to natural disasters is increasingly becoming a global concern now and PCT happens to be one of the very few church organizations that have such a detailed emergency response system.