[3159] Bunun Presbytery youths pray for revival and prepare for new season


Taiwan Church News
3159 Edition
September 10-16, 2012
Church Ministry News

Bunun Presbytery youths pray for revival and prepare for new season

Reported by Simon Lin

Written by Lydia Ma

Bunun Presbytery Youth Ministry Committee organized its very first “Lift up my eyes to the mountain prayer meeting” recently for all the youths in Bunun Presbytery. More than 100 youths from different churches, ranging from junior high school students to young adults working full-time, attended this meeting. They lifted their voices to worship and praise God and also prayed for their church and their country. The meeting was so inspirational and encouraging that Bunun Presbytery General Secretary Tiang declared that revival in Bunun Presbytery would begin among youths.

The prayer meeting was held at Hong-Shih Presbyterian Church on September 1, 2012. The service was a combination of worship and prayer. Bunun Presbytery Youth Ministry Committee Director Rev. Supina Nakaisulan said that what she saw on that day was a stark contrast to what she had seen before. She said youths in Bunun Presbytery were shy and their prayers were usually very short and very much about their own needs. However, this prayer meeting trained and inspired youths to pray for the needs of others. Following the lead of pastors, youths began to pray for the needs of their churches and communities. They prayed for abused women, orphans, homeless people, convicts, teens who had dropped out of school, etc. More importantly, they prayed unabashedly and in unity.

During the sermon, Rev. Tiang encouraged every youth to see themselves as God saw them. He reminded them that, regardless of their background or qualifications, trusting in God to the very end was the most important thing of all. At the end of the meeting, the youths prayed a blessing for those among them who were beginning junior high school that month and were thus joining the Youth Fellowship for the first time as well.

Photo provided by Bunun Presbytery