[3199] Ecumenical training for youths elevates their scope

Taiwan Church News
3199 Edition
June 17-23, 2013
Church Ministry News

Ecumenical training for youths elevates their scope

Reported by voluntary reporter Ispalakan Umav in New Taipei
Translated by Hsun-Yi Chang

In June 7th to 9th, Youth Committee of PCT held the orientation for EYEP and the training program for ILT. Youths from all over the country and various ethnic groups learned about different cultures and aroused the calling for mission. EYEP is one of the ecumenical ministries of Youth Committee. The participants have to write biography, acquire a reference letter and prepare for the interview before getting accepted. Different groups will be heading to New Zealand, Hungary, UK, US and Southeast Asia in July, August and the end of January in 2014 respectively. They will participate in local Youth Mission Conference, Annual Assembly of WCC and other events. These ecumenical youth exchange programs increase visibility of Taiwan and improve youths’ self-identity and faith experiences.

This three-days training program was comprehensive. The Secretary of Youth Ministry Committee, Etan Pavavalung, reminded participants to be more aware of Taiwan’s mission and to elevate their ecumenical view. “Each of us should realize that ‘I am behalf of Taiwan when I am out of the country’, and grow together on this land with ‘identification, commitment and growth’ as our goal.” Rev. Hsiao-sheng Chuang, CFO of CWM, in his speech on “Theology, faith and ecumenical view” also mentioned that PCT youths should have broader scope, be equipped and take responsibility, enrich one’s own in expectation of expanding mission field. He encouraged young people not to set limit for oneself, but to cultivate international vision and keep up with the ever-changing world.


Besides the input, staff also gave an orientation. Participants discussed the interaction between Taiwan and other countries in terms of ecological, social, historical and religion issues; they also reached consensus through group meetings. Chinese and English were both used in the presentation of “Cultural Night”. The group going to New Zealand played Ukulele and sang aboriginal traditional melodies. Other groups performed guitars, chantable story-telling, short play and dancing to introduce Taiwan’s characteristics and mission ministries of PCT, which showed their vitality and creativity for ecumenical ministry.

Youths had a great time during their training.

Photo provided by PCT Youth Ministry Committee