Prize-Winning Documentary Director Fu Yue Visits PCT General Assembly


Taiwan Church News
3483 Edition
November 26 – December 2, 2018
General Assembly News

Prize-Winning Documentary Director Fu Yue Visits PCT General Assembly

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

Ms Fu Yue, the Best Documentary Director granted by the 55th Golden Horse Award for the movie Our Youth in Taiwan, visited PCT General Assembly Office on November 21.

“I earnestly hope one day our country(Taiwan) can be treated as a real and independent entity. This is my greatest hope as a Taiwanese!”, delivered by Ms Fu Yue on the stage after she was announced the winner of the Best Documentary Director in the assembly of Golden Horse Award.

Though Ms Fu’s heartfelt remarks hit the inner chord of many Taiwanese across the island, much more furious Chinese internet users flooded into her Facebook pages to condemn her as a traitor because China sees Taiwan as an inseparable part. Such an irrational digital attack to innocent Ms Fu caused Taiwan society a need to stand by her.

During the visit, Rev Lyim Hong-tiong, PCT General Secretary, said to Ms Fu “You just expressed your thought to the public. Should there be anything wrong to say our mind? No! Anything wrong of freedom of speech? No! You can say whatever you want to speak.” And these encouraging words made Ms Fu greatly moved.

Translated by Peter Wolfe