[3224]Eye-Catching Paintings To Support Hakka Mission Ministry


Taiwan Church News

3224 Edition

December 9 – December 15, 2013

Church Ministry News


Eye-Catching Paintings To Support Hakka Mission Ministry


Reported by Lin Yi-ying


To support Hakka Mission ministry, 32 pieces of paintings offered by PCT Artist Fellowship were auctioned in a charity fair named as “Eye-Catching” on December 2nd.


Eye-catching, pronounced “da-yen” in Hakka language, referred to things with properties “eye opened”, “striking” and “spectacular”. From a Christian point of view, such eye-catching experience is like a new life recalcitrant to repeated strikes yet insists to grow and shine. Rev. Pen Jih-hong, secretary of PCT Hakka Mission Committee, expressed his sincere hope that Hakka Mission can also be an eye-catching ministry through the efforts of everyone concerned.


Rev. Lyim Hong-tiong, PCT General Secretary, compared the charity offer from Artist Fellowship like the famous story that Mary poured the pure nard on Jesus’ feet. And he affirmed this is the story worthy to be known wide and this is the beauty that Taiwan needed most. Rev. Lyim wished this charity offer could be a touching stone to bring more Hakka people to learn about Christ’s gospel, just like PCT brought over 10,000 people annually to be baptized and proclaim the beauty of Christ into every corner of Taiwan.


Translated by Peter Wolfe

PCT pastors and artists stood together to proclaim the gospel with the Hakka Mission Committee.


Photo by Lin Yi-ying