[3389]The Event Of “Cycling For A Free Tibet” Launched In Taiwan

Taiwan Church News

3389 Edition

February 6 – 12, 2017

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The Event Of “Cycling For A Free Tibet” Launched In Taiwan


Reported by Lin Yi-yin


At 9:30 a.m. on February 1, a group of cyclists, including NPP lawmaker Freddy Lim and Covenants Watch’s chief executive officer Ms Hwang Yi-bi and etc., carrying a big Tibetan national flag, rode toward Liberty Square after they had assembled at 228 Peace Memorial Park.

Responding to the event of “Cycling For A Free Tibet”, initiated by Mr Tashi Tsering, the founder of the Welfare Society for Tibetans in Taiwan and the Human Right Network for Tibet and Taiwan, this cycling event in Taiwan also marks the 7th anniversary of this campaign for Tibetan human rights commemorating the persecuted Tibetans over 1.2 million people were killed, murdered, raped and tortured and 6000 monasteries destroyed since 1949 and looking forward to a free Tibet in the future.

Mr Tashi Tsering said the purpose of this cyclist event in Taiwan is to explain to the Chinese tourists or foreign visitors at Taipei about the Chinese communist’s severe persecution in Tibet. Mr Tashi Tsering firmly believed, even the Chinese could understand the pleas of the Tibetans if there is chance to dialogue with them, that the meaning of “cycling” in this event suggests a nuance of persistent nonstop to fight for human rights in Tibet!

Translated by Peter Wolfe


To invite more people to learn the Chinese communist’s cruel persecution and oppression of the Tibetan human rights since their notorious 1949 invasion, over 1.2 million Tibetans were killed, murdered, raped, and tortured and over 6,000 monasteries were destroyed, the 7th anniversary of “Cycling For A Free Tibet”, initiated by Tashi Tsering from 2011, launched at Taipei, Taiwan on 1 February, 2017.

Photo by Lin Yi-yin