[3389]Changhua Coastal Wetland Urged To Be Legalized As A Ecological Conservation Zone

Taiwan Church News

3389 Edition

February 6 – 12, 2017

Church Ministry


Changhua Coastal Wetland Urged To Be Legalized As A Ecological Conservation Zone


Reported by Simon Lin


Though Taiwan’s Wetland Conservation Act has alrady been passed on 2nd February 2015, intentionally to comply with UN’s World Wetland Day on annual 2nd February, the biggest estuarine ecosystem with 6 kilometers’ intertidal belt composed of muddy sediments at Changhua coastal wetland is still not legally recognized as an ecological conservation zone.

Changhua Environmental Protection Union(CEPU) urges the government should proceed a positive administrative action, declaring Changhua coastal wetland as a legal zone immediately, ignoring some groundless accusations that such order of environmental protection would impede local development or the people’s daily business.

Changhua coastal wetland, with a 6 kilometer’s intertidal belt formed by estuary muds from Chou-sui River, is a critical natural reserve of very critical bird species like Far Eastern Curlew, Gull and etc. The population of these critical bird species at this treasured wetland is even estimated to reach 1% of their global quantity. In addition, the bio-diversity of the benthic creatures under this wetland is abundantly rich and absolutely deserves a legal recognition and protection from Taiwan society!

Translated by Peter Wolfe


A scenario of the amazingly stunning Changhua coastal wetland.

Photo by Simon Lin