[3055]PBC invites PCT churches to use its facilities for retreats

Taiwan Church News

3055 Edition

September 13~19, 2010



PBC invites PCT churches to use its facilities for retreats


Reported by Joe Ko

Written by Lydia Ma



Zion Presbyterian Church held a retreat in Hsinchu at Presbyterian Bible College (PBC) on September 12, 2010, and invited the college’s President Liu Jin-chang to be the speaker. Liu spoke on ways for Christians to do daily devotionals and participants put his tips into practice immediately. They also shared about their experiences as they tried different techniques.


Liu first outlined PBC’s facilities, available resources, and some programs it had put together for churches and organizations in the past. He said he was confident the school had what it takes to custom design great programs for churches looking for a place to hold spiritual retreats.


He also said he hoped to see the school fulfill PCT General Assembly’s expectations of becoming a place where Presbyterians could come often for spiritual formation, church retreats, or time alone with God.


After introducing the college, Liu candidly admitted that Christians who’d used the school as a place for church retreats had mostly been from non-PCT denominations. He welcomed PCT members to choose PBC in the future as a place to hold retreats.