Paiwan Presbytery Mission Center To Be Rebuilt With Love


Taiwan Church News
3503 Edition
15 – 21 April, 2019
Local Church News

Paiwan Presbytery Mission Center To Be Rebuilt With Love

Reported by Lin Wang-ting

After 30 years of ministry, PCT’s Paiwan presbytery decides to re-build her mission center at the original place located in Makazayazaya village. Proposed in a 2017 end-of-year meeting and approved in the first assembly in 2018, Paiwan presbytery finally set up 14 April 2019 as the date to start re-building her historical mission center building.

Especially, Paiwan presbytery’s special pick of April 14, designated as the Palm Sunday, symbolizes not only a mere construction project but also a solemn pledge of this Paiwan people’s love and responsibility toward their very Christian faith, community, traditional reserved land and indigenous history.

In the thanksgiving service, Rev ‘Eleng Tjaljimaraw, PCT’s Associate General Secretary, is invited to delivered the sermon message titled “The Founding Materials of The Temple”. Reminding the audience about the Israel people’s strenuous history of building the temple to worship the God, Rev ‘Eleng Tjaljimaraw encouraged the assembly to build the mission center with a persistent love.

Not only to commemorate the historical efforts made by our pioneering missionaries for this indigenous community, but also to pass the love of Jesus to our neighbors on this island, Rev ‘Eleng Tjaljimaraw remarked.

The liturgy of the thanksgiving service was specially designed by Rev Fuluku. He used seven corner stones to mean stability and completeness, and also presented 8 kinds of flowers to symbolize the Beatitudes proclaimed in the sermon of the mountain by Jesus.

Translated by Peter Wolfe