The 40th Anniversary Of Taiwan Relations Act Celebrated Through A Book Launch


Taiwan Church News
3506 Edition
May 6 – 12, 2019
Taiwan Society News

The 40th Anniversary Of Taiwan Relations Act Celebrated Through A Book Launch

Reported by Lin Yi-yin & Chen Yi-fan

On April 19, Dr Wang Neng-Hsiang, who is the pushing-hand behind the historic US law – Taiwan Relations Act(TRA), launched a new book entitled as The Unflinching Don Quijote before the US Congress: What You Should Know About Taiwan Relations Act in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of TRA and explain to Taiwan public the genesis, scope and nature of TRA’s legislation.

Accompanied by many PCT leaders and renown guests, including Rev Lyim Hong-tiong(General Secretary), Rev Chen Yih-ming(Associate General Secretary), Rev Sudu Tada(secretary of PCT Indigenous Mission Committee), Rev Tsai Cheng-dao(Chairman of Taiwan Church Press), Rev Fang Lan-ting(President of Taiwan Church Press), Ms Hsiao Mei-ching(DPP Congresswoman), Mr Yao Jia-wen(National Policy Adviser to the President), Dr Wang gave his special thanksgiving to the deceased Rev Wong Shu-Kong who introduced him Ms Cindy Sprunger, an aide of Congressman James A. Leach then in 1970s.

Dr Wang remarked that it is through this acquaintance and support from Jim Leach and a later self-introduction at the office of Senator Claiborne Pell to win his sympathy and recognition for the cause of Taiwan, two hearings of Taiwan’s Human Rights could be held simultaneously at both House and Senate of US Congress in February 1979. Further, an enactment of TRA was subsequently launched in April 1979, winning 424 votes among 535 votes in the House, and taken effects retroactive in January 1979, Dr Wang recalled.

Regarding the impact of TRA toward Taiwan, Dr Wang talked in straight that TRA to Taiwan is just like Moses’ two stone plates inscribing the Ten Commandments declared to the Israelite peoples. The importance and significance of TRA is quintessential and inseparable from security, stability and economic growth for Taiwan, and even more distinct is that the legal status of TRA is more higher than any US domestic law.

According to a reflective article by Dr Wang, written in August 22nd 2017 for American Taiwanese Society, TRA is even a better legal framework for the following additional features:

(1) TRA is a domestic act of the United States; it is not an international treaty. As such, when perceived by the United States as “Clear and Present Danger” threatening Taiwan’s security, the United States armed forces can rush to Taiwan to rescue without waiting for time-consuming official request by Taiwan Governing Authority.

(2) It claims to oversee Taiwan’s performance in human rights and progress in democratic agenda, which certainly would take Taiwan closer and closer to U.S.-style value system and civilization.

(3) When it comes to immigration issue, the United States offers Taiwan a status equal to China, contributing likely to early integration of Taiwan into the United States, if so desires.

Due to a busy schedule, Mr William Brent Christensen, Director of AIT(American Institute in Taiwan), could not come to attend this book launch, so he wrote a letter to pay tribute to Dr Wang’s book and praised its publication is a good timing to celebrate a closer relationship between USA and Taiwan.

Translated by Peter Wolfe