Gas Mask and Resources Collected To Support Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement


Taiwan Church News
3521 Edition
August 19 – 25, 2019
Church Ministry

Gas Mask and Resources Collected to Support Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

Facing the increasingly tense situation amid Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement of “No Extradition to China”, some Taiwanese begin to ask what Taiwan can do for Hong Kong from a humanitarian stance?

Both Rev Lin Wei-Lien, secretary of PCT Church and Society Commission, and Rev Huang Tsung-sen, pastor of Chi-Nan Presbyterian Church, have since collected over one thousand helmets, cartons of gas mask to and related resources to show Taiwan is willing to help and reach out to Hong Kong.

This humanitarian action, joined by many Taiwan NGO groups and PCT churches, is initiated by some HK students in Taiwan, a pro-democracy youth organization called “the Hong Kong Outlanders”. These protective humanitarian resources are pledged to reach those brave Hong Kong people fighting for democracy and freedom fearlessly through every possible means and channel.