Rev Kim Kyung-Rae Encourages Elders to Stand Firm in Jesus Christ


Taiwan Church News
3521 Edition
August 19 – 25, 2019
Church Ministry

Rev Kim Kyung-Rae Encourages Elders to Stand Firm in Jesus Christ

Reported by Hung Tai-yang

In the afternoon on August 17 at Taichung city, a celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the Pine Age Fellowship of Taichung Presbytery was held at Chung-Hsiao Road Presbyterian Church.

Based on the scripture verses from 1 Thessalonians 5:14~24 and Exodus 15:26, Rev Dr Kim Kyung-Rae, a Korean pastor specialized in Hebrew language, Hebrew Bible and textual criticism, was invited to deliver a biblical sermon and lecture encouraging the elders to live a faithful and healthy Christian life.

Blessed with an opportunity to study Dead Sea Scrolls as a PhD candidate, Rev Kim was deeply impressed that these scrolls is an amazing gift to help the Jewish people accept Jesus as their long-term anticipated messiah. In addition, these scrolls testify the truth of Old Testament.

Just like the wealth of the secular world is not treasured by the devout Christian, the health preferred in the Bible is somehow different from the secular standard, according to Rev Kim.

To live a healthy life, following the biblical teachings, Rev Kim encourages the audience to attend three things: first, not to live an out-of-order and lazy life, especially an irresponsible way of life; second, do not lose your will to fight and don’t need to feel anxiety for an unknown future; third, do not revenge evil with wrong attitudes, like anger, jealousy and complaints.

Translated by Peter Wolfe