PCT Joins A Global March for Hong Kong Across Taiwan


Taiwan Church News
3527 Edition
September 30 – October 6, 2019
Headline News

PCT Joins A Global March for Hong Kong Across Taiwan

Reported by Lin Yi-yin and Lin Wang-ting

Following more and more contentious crashes, erupted on the streets in Hong Kong due to HK authority’s doubtful bill of criminal extradition to China, more than 100 thousand people and many NGO groups took to the streets across Taiwan supporting Hong Kong people’s fights for freedom, democracy and human rights on September 29, 2019.

This march for Hong Kong is also a global event, simultaneously held around the world within 60 cities, 20 countries and 4 continents. In Taiwan, the cities responding this very democratic crisis of Hong Kong includes not only the capital Taipei, but also Hsin-Chu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung.

Ms Denise Ho, a famous HK singer and human rights activist, was maliciously attacked in red paint when she was interviewed and just started to deliver her messages to Taiwan media. Two paint attackers, identified as two pro-Beijing gangsters, were immediately arrested by police at the site. Later, in a press held in Chi-Nan Presbyterian Church, Ms Ho stressed that such barbarous harassment is a dire and daily reality faced by Hong Kong people, and just like them she will never step back before this evil.

PCT churches, institutes and many presbyteries also joined this event of global march for Hong Kong across Taiwan.

With PCT’s official flags touted by Rev Lee Hsin-jen(secretary of General Assembly Youth Committee), Rev Omi Wilang(secretary of GA Indigenous Mission Committee), Rev Yayi Aiyo(general secretary of Tayal Presbytery), Rev Sarangsu Yumei(director of Church and Society Committee of Tayal Presbytery) and Rev Chen Hong-Sien(pastor of Sumasen Church), together with 30 more aboriginal church members, in special tribal dresses, who were led by Rev Uduv Lebak, it symbolized PCT’s sober participation and solemn support for Hong Kong people’s fight and struggle toward justice and peace.

Translated by Peter Wolfe