Critical is the Content for Preaching the Gospel Online


Taiwan Church News
3556 Edition
April 20 – 26, 2020
General Assembly News

Critical is the Content for Preaching the Gospel Online

Reported by Lin Yi-yin

As the third Sunday of April each year is designated as the Public Communication Sunday in General Assembly’s agenda, Rev Fang Lan-ting, President of the PCT’s Public Communication Foundation(PCF), reiterates PCF’s mission in an interview that the efficiency of internet and communication apps, like Youtube, Facebook, Telegram and etc, will be utilized as an important tool to proclaim the good news and speak the truth to the power and the public.

Facing the extremely competitive streamline market, Rev Fang remarks that just like our pioneering missionary Rev Thomas Barclay dared to accommodate the most advanced technique ever in Taiwan via printing the Bible and publishing the newspaper at one and a half century ago, the most critical maneuver to survive in a highly capital-oriented Taiwan is able to serve the video/audio content with good quality and distinguished traits.

So, how to deliver such a good quality service within limited resources and budget becomes a top-priority concern for every missionary church, either her affiliated institutes or faithful individuals. And from 2020, especially under the roaring Wuhan pandemic, PCF pledges to act as both a faithful messenger to serve Taiwan churches with a sanctuary platform hosting kinds of church service live, pulpit sermon, personal witness, missionary stories, musical service and etc, Rev Fang says.

Translated by Peter Wolfe